Bus Walkthrough

Welcome to our tiny home! Step on in and we’ll show you around…

Watch your step on that first step up, it’s a big one.

This is our garage/mud Room. It’s perfect for throwing our muddy boots off and storing all of Jeff’s tools. Everything closes up and locks down up here while we drive so it’s safe and secure.

We hang our coats and jackets here as well to keep the clutter out of the main living space. We have an interior door here to separate this space off from the main house. It’s convenient for driving, too because then anything rolling around in the back part of the bus isn’t distracting the driver!  

If we come through that door and close it behind us to keep the warmth in, you can see our main living space. It has just about everything a larger house has, just on a smaller scale. Oh, and watch out, don’t bump the wood stove next to you, it’s hot!

I absolutely LOVE my huge farmhouse sink! I can easily grab all the last-minute things and stash them in the sink to keep them from flying off the counterwhile we drive. But on a daily basis it’s so easy to wash the dished in a big sink. So many rvs have teeny tiny sinks that are nearly impossible to wash large pots and pans in.

Also here is our refrigerator that can run off of AC power or propane. Our solar banks aren’t big enough to power the fridge on AC all night when the sun isn’t shining, so we use the propane setting and fill our propane tanks relatively cheaply wherever we are. When in Phoenix, Jeff fills them at a discounted rate at the Hot Air Balloon company. When in Utah, we filled them at the local KOA. We also use magnets all over the ceiling to hang things like our dish towel. It’s awesome having a metal ceiling!

From the other side of the hall you can see our 6′ couch, 21″ stove, and washer/dryer combo machine. Yes, it washed and dries!

Come back to the back part of the bus where we have our bedrooms and bathroom. Here you will see Bray’s bunk and all of his things stashed safely underneath. Also, our heirloom cedar chest that stores Jeff’s and my clothes and keeps them smelling wonderfully of cedar! I also have my “Tea Basket” mounted here as I have an affinity for a good, warm cup of tea!

And in the very back we have our king-sized bed.

Across the hall is our bathroom with a composting toilet (no black water, hooray!) and a shower. We have the window taped off with Reflectix insulation to keep the cold out, but usually it is open to let in light. We have a shower curtain we can hang up when we use the shower but mostly leave down so we can use the shower space more readily.

Our composting toilet we got off of Craigslist for $500, but new from Lowe’s they are over $3,000! We were willing to deal with a “used” toilet for that price savings!

Our shower is slightly wider than a standard shower pan, but is also a bit shorter as it’s on the edge of the bus where the roof curves down. We have gotten good at cleaning up in ways that don’t involve this feature in our home because it uses a LOT of water. Out here in the desert, water is a hot commodity! But we have used it plenty of times and it works great! Our favorite feature is the “sea glass” floor. We collected each piece by hand ourselves from a river not far from our house in Pennsylvania. It was so much fun!

Feel free to sit and stay as long as you would like! Shall I put on some water for tea?