Sponsor a Trip

There’s not enough room in our tiny home for everyone to join us IN our bus, but maybe you want to join in our trip more than just reading our blog and commenting. Here’s a page for you to do that! Thank you for being a part of our travels!!

We have stickers!!! Want one of your very own? You can purchase one here for a donation of $5. They are indoor/outdoor vinyl and can be stuck to windows, water bottles, laptops, etc.! (Want more than one? Use the last Donate button on this page to donate any amount in $5 increments and we will send them to you!)

Our refrigerator and stove both run off of propane. We set up our system with two 20# BBQ propane tanks so we can swap them easily at various locations across the US. We have been able to get our propane tanks refilled for about $15. Donate $15 here and we will mail you a free sticker, too!

The bus has a huge 60-gallon tank! A fill-up costs about $250. Buy us a tank of fuel and we will send you a postcard from wherever the tank takes us. Be sure to leave us your address so we can send you a postcard from wherever we get to! Also, we will send a free sticker separately!

Care to send us another amount as a gift? Go ahead and use this button to designate any amount you wish! Thank you!!

Special thanks to these supporters…!

  • The Mraz Family sponsored a tank of fuel!
  • Dottie Pope sent a $50 gift!
  • The Mraz Family bought 4 stickers!
  • Dottie Pope sponsored a propane refill and will get a free sticker!
  • Jenn Spangenberg sent a $100 gift!
  • AJ and Gram sent a $75 gift!
  • Nancy and husband gave a $100 cash gift!