And we are out!!

Out safe and sound!
We sunk in even further during the time we were there.

We had intended on leaving Jeff’s Grandma’s at 11 am today so we could get to Lehman’s in Ohio, but when we tried to start the bus, it wouldn’t turn over. We hoped it was just because it was cold, so we plugged in the engine block heater, took a walk, and tried again to start the engine to no avail. A relative came and jumped the bus and was even able to hook up a tow chain and give us enough of a backward force to pull us out!! We were very thankful!

We didn’t end up getting onto the road until after 2 pm, and we decided to take smaller roads into Ohio instead of taking I-80 because of the mountains, so we didn’t make it to Lehman’s before they closed but we found a cozy little spot outside of a Walmart supercenter to call home for the night. We are about 15 minutes from Lehmans’s and plan to stop there first thing in the morning! Our Bluetti power bank is fully charged and Jeff got our solar installed, so when the sun comes up we should be able to recharge it.

The bus ran well the whole way here and we are hopeful for another great day tomorrow! If, for some reason, our batteries don’t start the bus in the morning, we have the Walmart and quite the selection of other stores here in this mid-sized town to get new ones at!

Braydon was cold after we ate our dinner and decided to curl up in his cozy bunk for the last part of our trip and was fast asleep by the time we parked. Jeff and I took turns warming up and stretching out by perusing the aisles in the Walmart and grabbing a few essentials.

While writing this post sitting in the Walmart parking lot, our refrigerator started to make ticking noises… our propane tanks were empty! So we disconnected them both and walked them across the parking lot to exchange them! It’s so convenient staying at Walmart!

In regards to propane tanks, some have been asking how they can financially support our travels. We have set up a sponsorship page where you can buy us something to help us with our trip. You can find it in the menu on the homepage.

3 thoughts on “And we are out!!

  1. oh boy.. what trip!! so glad you got on your way! hoping it goes smoother soon! stay warm, stay safe and take care! hugs!! πŸ’•πŸ€—πŸ’•


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