Skooliepalooza 2023: The Ungathering 2/7/23

The official name for this year’s Skooliepalooza was “The Ungathering”. Not because it didn’t happen, or because it was poorly attended; but rather because, after much ado, the name is under new ownership and despite their valiant attempts to organize the event and make it more of an “event” and not just a random groupContinue reading “Skooliepalooza 2023: The Ungathering 2/7/23”

Hello, Fall! – A Summer Recap 10/2/22

It is finally Fall and the leaves on the few deciduous trees around are starting to display the first tinges of their magnificent color! The nights are chilly and the days are only in about the upper 60s and low- to mid-70s. We know that colder days are rapidly approaching and so we are double-steppingContinue reading “Hello, Fall! – A Summer Recap 10/2/22”

More (Mostly Animal) Updates 8/1/22

The days just never seem long enough, but simultaneously they are oh so long! We have the second half of backlogged photos to dump in this post, so cozy up with your router and load, load, load! First up, we have photos from the Calf Branding/Castration/Vaccination event, which was such a large undertaking that notContinue reading “More (Mostly Animal) Updates 8/1/22”

I’m Dreaming of a White MEMORIAL DAY..? 5/31/22

Spring is still reluctant to settle in and we had snow this past weekend! It didn’t last long – melting shortly after it arrived, but the past several days have been rainy, cold, and ever-so-muddy. The plants needed the rain though, so we are glad it is here to prepare the soil for us gettingContinue reading “I’m Dreaming of a White MEMORIAL DAY..? 5/31/22”

Springtime Happenings 5/20/22

As we started explaining in our last post, the Mama Goat had her babies and there were THREE! Usually goats will have twins (it keeps them balanced while pregnant) but this Mama had three Kids. Early that morning, the Mama Goat had climbed up the mountainside to a safe cliff to protect herself and herContinue reading “Springtime Happenings 5/20/22”

A beautiful place to call home 5/11/22

We’ve been here just over a week now and we are so thrilled to be at Rocky Ridge Outpost! We were just starting to get into the swing of things when we all got sick and, while we haven’t fully recovered yet, we are getting back at it because we are getting bored! It’s beenContinue reading “A beautiful place to call home 5/11/22”