Texas is huuuuuge….. 11/24/21

…. but we aren’t there anymore!!! 😉

We plowed through the last stretch of Texas like our lives depended on it! We wanted so badly to be in a different state tonight so we basically ran out of Texas! But not before we piered across the boarder and waved to the Monarch butterflies we released to go to Mexico!

“Hello again, to all our (butterfly) friends!”
We actually drove right along the boarder on I-10 and it was so neat to see another country while in our own home driving in the USA!

Shortly after we were in New Mexico, which was rather confusing for Braydon as we were not allowed to go to Mexico because we didn’t have passports, but it was OK to go to New Mexico! We stopped at a Camping World that was posted on the iOverlander app as having a free water spiket in their parking lot and filled our fresh water tank before we continued through the desert. We also stopped at a travel center for fuel and a post card for our first fuel-tank sponsor! (Over on our Sponsorship Page you can join us on our trip on a more personal level.)

We continued our short hike across New Mexico (thankfully without having to encounter any dust storms that the plethora of signs continuously alerted us to because it was raining lightly) and made it just across the line into Arizona!!!!

We stopped at the first Rest Area/Welcome Center juuuuust inside the state of Arizona!

Woo-hoo!!!! We made it!!

We are deciding where to go next. Jeff has an interview for a super-cool opportunity in Phoenix on Monday, but we have several days before that. We want to get our water system turned on now that we have a few days to breathe and it’s not freezing anymore! We are completely surrounded by BLM land so we might just hang out here for a day then head on over to Phoenix Friday or Saturday and look around!

We stopped at a tourist-y attraction and bought a pocket book about identifying different kinds of cactus in the Southwest so we will be on the lookout for each of the different kinds! We have already seen lots of prickly pear!

Apparently we need to look out for more than just cactus! Jeff is annoyed that the Government agency in charge of getting this sign made didn’t properly identify these as ‘venomous’ instead of ‘poisonous’ and the scorpion as an ‘arachnid’ not an ‘insect’!!

The cell service here is very spotty so please be patient with our posting frequency. (Hopefully I can get this post to load!)

One thought on “Texas is huuuuuge….. 11/24/21

  1. wow you made it thru New Mexico fast! I’d get a book on the poisonous stuff out there! 😳 be safe and careful!!
    glad you made it to Arizona!! have a couple friends out there and they’re enjoying it.
    good luck to Jeff in the interview! phoenix sounds nice.
    hope they have Walmart out there .. lol… looks like fun times! Bray is enjoying it!


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