Ballooning in Arizona 1/11/22

The first official post written by Jeff! I would like to explain the process I go through while ballooning. 🎈

The inflation: once we find a suitable spot where the winds are in our favor, we unload the balloons, turn on the fans, and start inflating the balloons.
We often launch several balloons close together and often other balloon companies are launching along side us so it can get pretty crowded.
When inflating the balloon you have to attach the parachute valve. This is held in by velcro until the balloon inflates and then the pressure of the hot air holds it in place until pilot needs to release the air from the balloon for descent.
Then you hold on to the the crown lines (shown here) while the pilot adds heat and stands the balloon up … and when I say hold on, I mean the balloon will drag you across the desert (through cactus if you are not careful)! #funtimes
Once the balloon is vertical and the passengers are in and have gotten their preflight pictures taken, it’s time for takeoff!
Away they go and the chase begins.
After communicating with the the pilot on where he is thinking of landing, we hurry over to catch to balloon on landing (this time in front of our bus … how fantastic … and Braydon loved it!)
Once the balloon is down the process of stretching out the balloon and removing all the air begins.
“Milking the balloon” aka pulling it all together and removing the last of the air. Bray had fun watching father at work.
We were short crewed on this flight (two Crew members instead of the usual three), so I took charge to make sure the pack-up went smoothly.
Here we are disconnecting the cables that connect the balloon to the basket. Mo, the pilot, helped out because we were short crewed.
It’s hard to tell but that’s a Braydon laying on top of the balloon to help get the air out! Needless to say, he was overjoyed to be able to help father with the balloons.
So as the sun sets behind our bus, I hope I have given you a good idea of what it is like to chase hot air balloons. I am sure I will have more pictures to add in the future. Until then I hope you enjoy the pictures 😃

5 thoughts on “Ballooning in Arizona 1/11/22

  1. Way cool Jeff, great write up..! And the graphics were very helpful.
    Those baskets are bigger than I thought..!
    Have you, Sarah, and Bray been able to go up yet..?
    That is so great they land near the bus..!! Front row seats…..and it is sooo pretty there..!
    Keep enjoying such a neat job..!!


  2. wow! hot air balloons are cool so your job sounds fun and the explanation help understand all it takes to get them going.. thanks! but I can’t believe that many balloons go up out there! guess it’s not as popular here.. so glad Bray got to help his daddy! fun times and great memories are being made!!
    keep enjoying, having fun and being safe!!


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