So what’s Quartzsite all about? 2/9/22

Everyone we have run into recently has been telling us about Quartzsite, so we figured since we were 20 minutes away, we probably should go check it out. We left Skooliepalooza on Sunday morning and went to Quartzsite to find a good BLM camping spot for the night. We found a lovely spot in the Scadden Wash Area, left the bus, and drove the 7 minutes into town in the Jeep. What a place! They have everything! It’s like a flea market/RV superstore extravaganza!

Wares of all kinds are set up throughout a meandering walkway that could easily take hours to traverse!
Literally anything one could need for an RV can be found here. Need a 30 amp adapter? They’ve got 50 of them. Need a new 50 amp extension cord? You have five lengths to choose from.
Anything that moves any kind of water into or out of an RV can be replaced here. We bought a carbon filter with a garden hose attachment on either end to put in line with our fresh water hose when we fill our water jugs at the park. The water smells much less like chlorine now!
One day we will put one of these in the bus so all of our water is extra filtered, but for now, we filter our drinking and cooking water with our ProOne gravity filter and we have a ProOne filter shower head for the shower 🚿.
Solar Bill can outfit your rig (whatever it may be) for off-grid convenience, no matter where you park!
So many RV products!
You can even buy a whole RV if you want!

There’s so much RV-related stuff because Quartzsite is in the center of a lot of BLM land that people stay on for the short term as well as Long Term Visitor Areas (LTVA) that people can stay on for up to 7 months over the cold/winter season. So, naturally, the whole town caters to these “snowbirds” because they make up most of the population. We are thinking next time we build out a bus to get a long-term pass allowing us to camp near Quartzsite and have everything we need at our fingertips!

If you are staying on BLM land around here, you likely also have an ATV, so, naturally, there is a lot of stuff to outfit them, too.
They have some things special for adults: “Adult Day Care”
And some things special for kids: ice cream machines hooked up to old engines.
There are also things you probably don’t need.
As well as things you *definitely* don’t need!
But there is always a deal on something!
If Amazon were a place you could physically shop, Quartzsite would rival it!

Of course, we also got a few hardware things that Jeff needed. (Flea market shopping with Jeff is like flea market shopping with your grandfather – you end up spending 30 minutes in each hardware and tool tent listening to him tell stories about each of the items for sale.) And I got a new hat! It is 50% cotton and 50% hemp crocheted by some women in a work program with equitable trade. It is super cool because it stretches to fit my dreads, which is something hats don’t usually do. I’ve worn it almost every day since! It’s a really great piece to have in your wardrobe when you’re in the desert.

I love it!

If you’re wondering about me actually wearing a sun dress in February, yes, it was 80Β° today. Also, I’m wearing my “old” glasses here because, while sitting at a campfire at Skooliepalooza, I was evidently too close and melted one of the coatings on the lenses of my newer pair! Thankfully, I had saved my back-up pair and they are close enough prescription-wise that I can see well enough to drive and accomplish daily tasks without getting a headache! I have since gotten on and ordered two pairs of glasses for less than the cost of the one pair I bought at the eye doctor two years ago! I’m just waiting for them to come in the mail. (We highly recommend Zenni if you need glasses on a budget. Just get your prescription from your eye doctor… even if it’s older than 2 years… and put it into the website. You will be amazed at the savings!)

It’s already getting so warm! The frog on the weather app went to the beach today πŸ˜€

On Monday morning we did some laundry at the only laundromat in town (yes, it was packed with travelers and RV full-timers) which also triples as a shower house as well as a restaurant. Some of the people we met there have a great system: put in your wash, take a shower (20-minute limit ensures you are out in time!), put the wet laundry in the dryer, grab a free cup of coffee in the restaurant, then fold your dry laundry before heading back to the restaurant to grab a bite to eat.Β 

We also stopped at the Grocery/Hardware/Liquor store – that’s actually what it is called. We were super excited to see that they have not only an old key cutting machine, but also a plethora of ancient blank keys to match! We have only had one key for the bus ignition for a while now and we were paranoid that if we lost this one too, we would have to get the ignition re-keyed. But, for less than $5, we got the key copied in Quartzsite! Woohoo!

As much as we enjoyed all that Quartzsite has to offer, we had to get back to jobs to save up for our next adventure. So we drove back to Phoenix and returned to the State Trust Land where we were before Skooliepalooza. On to one of the most exciting parts of #vanlife: finding a new place to call “home”.

5 thoughts on “So what’s Quartzsite all about? 2/9/22

  1. wow! you struck like Bray checking everything out and you’re looking fantastic! so jealous of the .. sounds like it was a great time and all is going well!! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜πŸ’•
    I’d love to see that place, it’s amazing!
    keep having fun and enjoy making memories! πŸ€—


  2. What, no Quartz..?!? That’s a neat place, it would take me days to walk through it..!
    Love the hat..!
    How close did you have to get to melt your glasses….seems you need a longer s’mores stick…lol.
    What’s the difference between STL and BLM..? Or does BLM control STL..?


    1. Oh there was lots of quartz! We just didn’t take a picture… sorry 😦
      I was just sitting leaning near the fire with my hood on. I could feel my face was warm, but not painful or anything. Then everything went foggy…! Ugh!
      State Trust Land is owned by the State and is for the public’s use with a permit. It follows the laws of the specific state in which it is located. BLM stands for the Bureau of Land Management and is a Federal entity. You do not need a permit to access it, but it has different rules and federal regulations. Violating the rules has federal implications on BLM land whereas there are state-level repercussions for rules violated on State Trust Land.


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