Time flies! 4/7/22

Whew! The first week of April is already over! And, boy, has it been hot here – we’ve had 90Β° days all week! Thankfully the past two days have been super windy and the cross breeze keeps the bus cooler than the air conditioner can, so we’ve been keeping the windows open. The one air conditioner that is set up can’t keep up with the temperatures outside and it’s been mid- to upper-80s inside during the hottest parts of the day. We are still figuring out our summer plans, but they do not include staying in Phoenix over the summer!

It turns out Sue Ellen wasn’t pregnant after all. She definitely had us fooled and was even getting extra snacks out of the deal meaning she gained a little weight compounding our assumptions about her being pregnant. We had been keeping her inside so that she wouldn’t have the kitten outside where the coyotes would find them, but now she can go back out and she is happy. She tried very hard to escape, though, and several times she found the most unlikely spaces to stick her head through.

Trying to escape out the air conditioner exhaust hole!

Being a new month, it was time for a new spot, and this time we intentionally searched out two spots that were close to each other as our friend, Konnie, would be moving with us. We wanted to be close enough to run both of our busses off of the same generator if need be. We found a great spot down the road just a tiny bit! This was the first move with the trailer and it really made a big difference as we were able to put all of our larger items like camp chairs, drying rack, and trash buckets in the trailer to drive as opposed to piling them in the bus hallway. It was great!

Jeep… Trailer… Bus!

It was no small task threading two 40-foot busses, two jeeps, and a trailer through the creosote bushes to make a serviceable camp compound!

Our busses cozied up while trying to park!

We’ve still been enjoying the balloons even at this new space! We got to see Americas largest hot air balloon take off the other day. The balloon is owned by the father of the girls who own the company that Jeff works for.

During inflation the basket is on its side, but as the balloon fills with hot air and starts to rise, it sets the basket upright!
It was so fun watching it take off!

When we aren’t chasing balloons or working our jobs, we’ve been getting some projects done. I had wanted a backsplash behind the stove area for a while, and while I didn’t have enough money to go buy some fancy tile something at Lowes, I did have a thin piece of walnut that I had bought from the mill I got our live edge countertop slabs from. I measured, cut, sanded, sealed, finished, and mounted it myself and couldn’t be more happy with the way it turned out! Here’s a before and after shot!

Jeff was able to help Konnie with her kitchen drawers – they were falling apart as she drove and so he rebuilt them for her and now they are working great!

Working on the drawers.
Bray even got to help!

It’s been nice having a friend to do buslife with! We’ve been sharing dinners, camp fires, supplies for projects, and great stories!

We are making some of our fondest memories and can’t wait to share more of our experiences with you next week: rattlesnake in the camp, trip to the lake, and compost time!

Sweet home, Arizona!* *for now lol

One thought on “Time flies! 4/7/22

  1. whew🌑️90! I’d be out of there .lol
    man that hot air balloon is huge! that is so cool, Bray seemed to be enjoying it! πŸ‘πŸ»
    great job on the backsplash! you are both so talented! you’re accomplishing a lot of projects! πŸ‘πŸ» place looks cozy, nice you found a bus friend! 😊
    I don’t see your solar panels on the roof as noticably as konnie’s.
    thanks for the posts, I really look forward to them!! but, not sure about the upcoming rattlesnake one! 😳😳 lol… very interesting…
    stay safe! stay as cool as you can and hugs to all! πŸ€—πŸ’•πŸ’œ

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