Skooliepalooza 2023: The Ungathering 2/7/23

The official name for this year’s Skooliepalooza was “The Ungathering”. Not because it didn’t happen, or because it was poorly attended; but rather because, after much ado, the name is under new ownership and despite their valiant attempts to organize the event and make it more of an “event” and not just a random groupContinue reading “Skooliepalooza 2023: The Ungathering 2/7/23”

If you can’t take the heat… 4/27/22

The kitchen known as Phoenix is seriously heating up – we are predicted to hit 100° this week! So we have been enjoying a lot of time outside lately as it’s cooler than staying in the bus. This post has a lot more photos, so enjoy! We were (last minute) offered the summer job ofContinue reading “If you can’t take the heat… 4/27/22”

Adventures Continue 4/13/22

My Granny wanted to send us some of her wind and cooler weather this week and it worked! This week has been drastically different than last – I’m typing this in sweatpants sipping tea! It’s been so cool that we haven’t turned on the AC in several days meaning we don’t have to spend asContinue reading “Adventures Continue 4/13/22”

Continuing our off-grid preparedness 3/26/22

As with all things, the good stuff never stays forever, and our mild days throughout the winter are no exception. It has been absolutely HOT out recently! 🔥🥵 Some of our Nomad Neighbors and Friends have already left for the cooler weather promised by the higher elevation. We hope to cross paths again when theContinue reading “Continuing our off-grid preparedness 3/26/22”

Stuff and things 3/18/22

We’ve been super busy with just the normal day-to-day of life so there isn’t much excitement to share. But here we are showing up with a post about the normal! I’ve been able to work 4 days a week recently and Jeff welded for Josh the glass artist one weekday and both weekend days lastContinue reading “Stuff and things 3/18/22”

A Whole New World 3/8/22

What a crazy week it has been! After being in the same spot for a month, it seemed we were getting itchy feet and needed to move on. Our space was also starting to look very “lived in” and we didn’t want to alter the ecosystem too much. So one day, after I finished workContinue reading “A Whole New World 3/8/22”

Desert Ice Storm 3/1/22

Like most people, when we thought of the desert, we pictured a scene out of Lawrence of Arabia: hills of sand with no plants, animals, or rain. We couldn’t have been more wrong! Not only does the Sonoran Desert have life but it has life in abundance! It might only be the first day ofContinue reading “Desert Ice Storm 3/1/22”