We’re Jeff and Sarah and, if you found this site, you probably already know us! But here’s a little background just in case you’re new or haven’t heard our story yet.

We met in Fall of 2013; got married October 24th, 2015; and had our son, Braydon, October 31, 2016. We bought our first house in Spring of 2017 and bought our second home, a 38′ 1993 Blue Bird Type D School Bus, in September of 2020. After a year of converting the bus, we sold our house and moved into our new HOME in October 2021.

Over the last 8 years a lot has changed – both personally as well as in the world. We went from young adults living with our parents to parents ourselves; Maryland renters to Pennsylvania homeowners; “normal” food consumers to eating strictly Organic; stay-at-home mom to production employee – and back!; 20-somethings with $45,000 of debt on top of our mortgage to completely Debt Free 30-year-olds; and members of “the American Dream” to full-time travelers living OUR OWN dream. The world went from “normal” to “COVID” and still hasn’t balanced out to a “new normal” on top of all the other changes we don’t need to remind you of.

But some things haven’t changed at all in the last decade or so. Our desire to pursue independence of various types has remained strong and continues to fuel all of our major life decisions in one way or another. We still desire to make commitments, be flexible, and just go do whatever needs to be done. Giving priority to things that are important to us is paramount in our decision-making.

Whether you have been with us since our first steps as toddlers
or have come alongside us more recently, we truly are glad you are here

and we are thankful for your support!

More updates to follow, but for now…

“To the bus..!”

-Ms. Frizzle, The Magic School Bus

6 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. awesome watching you grow into this amazing women! a great mother and wife! wishing you all a fun and safe trip! admire your dedication to living the dream experience!! hugs! 💕🤗


  2. “According to my research”…..this is going to be one incredible field trip..! We pray you travel safely and enjoy the ride. Keep hugging Braydon for us..!


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