So close!

We are getting close to our departure date, and good thing, too! It’s getting so cold! This coming week is projected to get down into the 30s each night. Our potbelly wood stove has been keeping us nice and cozy inside, but we try to only use it at night and early morning – our general cooking and baking with the propane stove/oven is helpful to keep the chill out throughout the day. Recently we made some cookies with a new friend and had to open some windows! The cats are loving finding nice, new places to curl up and melt their fur 🙂

We are down to the last of the plumbing and electrical work. Our Bluetti Solar Generator just got here Friday so we are getting all that wired in. Our Bluetti will power all of our DC appliances (water pump, lights, fans for the composting toilet, and the controller for the fridge), give us AC power (KitchenAid mixer, Washer/Dryer Combo, and other household-type equipment), and allow us to collect our power from the sun instead of having to pay for a campsite every night. Our stove/oven, refrigerator, and tankless water heater all run off propane of which we have two BBQ grill 20# tanks mounted under the bus. We have yet to finalize our itinerary with each of our stops, but we hope to not need more than one or two nights at a campground to keep our traveling costs low.

Our goal is to leave York and get started on our trip by the end of this week!!

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