Just into Tennessee 11/18/21

We finally made it onto Tennessee! Last night we did our laundry at a laundromat in Kentucky. Bray and I took showers at the truck stop while Jeff monitored the laundry. We then stayed the night at a Cracker Barrel as they have bus/rv parking but aren’t open 24/7. It was nice and quiet.

We are staying at a trusty Ole Walmart again tonight. We were able to fill our water tank for free at the Five Star fuel station, so that was awesome! We had stopped at a handful of places prior but they had all shut their water off for the season because of the cold. Our water system is in place, but we haven’t turned it on yet because of the freezing temperatures. As we get further south and the weather becomes more mild, we plan to turn on the pump and then we can do laundry and shower in the bus. I am SO looking forward to it!!!

The bus itself is running really well – I think that water flush did well for it. It has been cooling properly and the fan has been kicking in when needed even with the hills through Kentucky. The bus sat for our first year owning it and, aside from us driving it home from Florida, probably sat around for a year or two prior, so it needed to be broken in again. In spite of the seemingly halting start, we feel as if we have been on the easier road when compared with the issues that many of our fellow skoolie-dwellers face when they start out.

As always, thanks for your prayers and support. We look forward to your comments and enjoy sharing the stories from our adventure. πŸ’™βœŒ

Edited to add: We also went to Menards today! It was so cool… they had everything! We got some wheel chocks for the bus, two new batteries for the bus (ours were getting to where they weren’t cranking strong, so now we have backups!), a sea salt grinder, magnetic hooks for hanging things from the ceiling of the bus, screws, battery clamp thingies, Fatwood fire starter sticks, and supercharged AAA batteries for my flashlight. It was a super cool place to shop, but they didn’t have any branded stickers!! 😦

While parked at Menards, Jeff secured the fresh water tank with a 2×4 we had saved and the new screws. He also hooked up the battery clamp thingies to our extension cord that jury-riggs the headlights to the batteries because there’s a short in the wiring we couldn’t find. We had been pulling over at dusk to shove the wires into the terminals, but now we just clamp them on!! Haha!! #buslife #ifyouknowyouknow!!!

4 thoughts on “Just into Tennessee 11/18/21

  1. thank you for the updates. It really helps us feel connected and a part of the adventure. So glad you are living the dream!


  2. wow.. sounds awesome! Tennessee sounds great!! so glad things are finally falling into place! glad your down south where it’s warmer! this blog was a great idea! live following along with you!! hugs to all of you!! stay safe and take care! πŸ’•πŸ€—


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