Staying in Tennessee 11/19/21

Well, we made it from North Central Tennessee to South Western Tennessee today! It’s already so much warmer! As I’m sitting at our table with the cats while the boys sleep, we have a cozy fire to take the chill out of the bus. It’s still getting down into the 30s at night, but the day time is 60s! After another night at a Walmart, this time in Memphis, we plan to take some time to sight-see and relax tomorrow.

Tonight we met with some friends of Jeff’s family who haven’t gotten together in about 15 years! It was a wonderful time, and neat to see how we all grow up, but don’t change too much! We parked the bus at a Kroger and they picked us up to go to their house as their street is tiny and wouldn’t accommodate our huge 40-foot bus. We talked to the manager and the security guard to let them know we would be just a few hours and then would be back to move the bus. They were fine with it. Yay!

The Walmarts and Cracker Barrels we have been staying at are pinned in an app called iOverlander. It shows points of interest for off-grid amenities and people can leave reviews of the places. Some places have free water, others are good laundromats with large vehicle parking. Sometimes it’s just an rv-friendly Walmart. We have been diligent to add our reviews to the places we stay and add some more points along the way. We haven’t had to pay for a campground so far and, as long as our solar panels keep pulling enough power from the sun, don’t plan to. (We do have a generator and gasoline to use in a pinch to charge the power bank or power anything we need.)

Oh! This morning we put our stickers on and I ran into the Walmart to grab a fine paintbrush to paint our website on the back of the bus! Here are some pictures!

Here’s the whole thing!
Left window
Right window

The panels in the back windows are a layer of Reflectix sandwiched between two pieces of fabric. They do a GREAT job at keeping out the cold! We also have Reflectix over the entire back door as that isn’t insulated and had been letting in a lot of cold air. Reflectix even helps with sound issolation and makes it a bit quieter when you’re trying to sleep near a road. (Our space for tonight might put that statement to the test as it seems this Walmart is near a relatively noisy road!!)

I’ll try to get pictures of our adventures tomorrow and get them posted. For now, I’m going to bed. Oh, and we are in a different time zone now!

7 thoughts on “Staying in Tennessee 11/19/21

  1. looks awesome!! sounds like a great time!! glad you’ll get some site seeing in!! hope you can check out the smokie mountains!
    so glad you’re live’n the dream!! so exciting!!


  2. loved the pics! great job! yeah, I’m not a geography pro.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜… just think of mountains when I hear Tennessee.πŸ˜‚πŸ€£


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