First night in a state park 11/21/21

We decided to splurge! We are at a state park in Texas tonight. We figured for $28 a quiet place in the trees with showers, electric, water, and a place to dump was more than worth it!!

We made it to Texas!

Checkout isn’t till noon so we plan to make breakfast and lunch here before we head out.

We covered a good number of miles today in a shorter amount time. On the flatter terrain we are able to average 50-60mph which is a huge difference when compared to the 15 mph we were doing up mountains in PA!! We hit some rain, but it wasn’t too bad. Our wipers don’t work too well, but we made it! Having a flat-nose bus makes the rain do funny things!

Oh! We met our first skoolie friend yesterday! We both parked at the same truck stop to make lunch! We stopped and said hi and did bus tours! Theresa’s bus was the first skoolie we have been in besides ours. She posted a video of us on tiktok – if you’re on there, her handle is @butterhag, I believe. She also has a Facebook page called Butter Hag’s Skoolie Nation.

Tonight, as we were eating our popcorn snack at the picnic table at our campsite, Braydon asked if we were going to go meet our neighbors. I told him that, when people pay for a campsite, they mostly don’t want others bothering them lol. When we have run into other people camping around we have been saying hello, so he thought that was what you do everywhere!

This post is kinda all over the place, but we have had a lot going on! Also, I’m tired, I’m going to feed the cats and go to bed!

5 thoughts on “First night in a state park 11/21/21

  1. wow! Texas already!! you did kick butt!
    that’s cool you found another skoolie! hope you find a Walmart for
    I’m not sure how that PO box thing works in SD but that’s where your bday card is … so HAPPY BIRTHDAY in the mean hope you have a great day filled with more fun adventures! love ya!! 🎂🎈🎉💖


  2. Know that my heart is traveling every mile with you. It is encouraging to hear tha Braydon wants to make new friends. Thank you again for sharing even when you are tired.


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