Texas is BIG!!!! 11/22/21

We are still here… in Texas. And probably will be all day tomorrow,  too. We are at the point where we are at the very edge of desert so we are enjoying being parked next to this lone tree in Walmart tonight. Tomorrow the terrain will finally change!

We took full advantage of a noon checkout time and made a fire and grilled sausages on it!

We all took showers at the campground so we feel squeaky clean and ready for many more miles! It was nice to have a space that was “ours” even just for a night. We’ve been blessed to not have had any middle-of-the-night issues with security knocking on the door or anything, but when staying on public property, it could happen. We are very careful about reading signs,  checking reviews, and staying where there are other RVs or trucks spending the night. The only place we’ve been kicked out of is a gas station today – we pulled over to top off our oil because we have a leak, but the gas station was closed. We figured that would be a good place as we weren’t blocking any pumps. In the 5 minutes it took us to pop the “camel hump” open and dump in 2 cups of oil, an employee came out and told us they were closed. Jeff held up the oil bottle he had in his hand and said we were just topping off our oil and the guy told us to vacate the premises immediately. Jerk. Anyway, we got the oil filled and then left. We’ve been using a popular conventional oil that the mechanic suggested for this engine and thankfully we can pick it up in 2 gallon jugs at any chain auto parts store! We grabbed a couple more bottles tonight just in case, and we are good to go!

At a Kroger in Dallas we found organic milk in flavors… so of course we had to try the orange Creamsicle! We also got a chocolate milk and I’m excited to have it with my peanut butter cereal in the morning!

We got a bunch of organic produce and meat at the Kroger because we might not see much for a while. Some smaller cities don’t have much for us, so we try to stock up where we can. We are definitely missing the delicious Livengood Farm meat! Aside from the sausages we enjoyed today, I think we’ve been on a ground beef diet for the past week! At least there are so many things to do with ground beef!!

The sunset was pretty as we came through Fort Worth this evening.

After a relatively late start to our travels, we pushed through and drove until 9pm (CST). We will stock up on any last-minute things and hopefully get an early start tomorrow. Maybe we will get far enough down the road that we can get to NM the next day! 

3 thoughts on “Texas is BIG!!!! 11/22/21

  1. geez.. I knew it was big..but thought you guys were on the upper smaller part on rte 40?
    camp fire sounds great! really loving reading your blog! you guys are really doing great!! 🤗💕


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