Finding space 11/29/21

We have been really busy, though there’s not much that seems accomplished! It’s been somewhat discouraging as we have been doing a lot of work but don’t have much to show for it. We spent the weekend nights at a Walmart and the weekend days between the laundromat and Home Depot.

We’ve had a few good opportunities to use the new electric scooter! Jeff ran down the street with it one evening to get some groceries from Sprouts while I put Braydon to bed in a stationary place! Also, Jeff worked on the finishing touches of our water system while I strapped a bag of laundry to the back of the scooter and went the 4ish miles to the laundromat. It’s a speedy and fun little tool! It’s been so nice having a second “vehicle”! It’s the Vsett8 and we got it at a bike shop here in Phoenix. Thankfully we haven’t needed it for a breakdown yet, but we already feel so much free-er by having it! We charged it with our Bluetti Solar Generator last night and both machines did well!

It has a headlight, running lights, turn signals, and even brake lights!
The max speed we have gotten it to do is 24 MPH, but that feels super fast on 8.5″ tires!!

We spent today working on finding a place to park the bus semi-permanently. Boy, what a task!! This is “peak” season for Arizona because of the mild temperatures (today was 82°!). It took us alllll day, but we finally submitted an application in person and we will know by tomorrow if we are accepted. Between the 55+ age restrictions, the age limits on accepted RVs, and how late in the season we arrived, it’s pretty difficult to find a place! So tonight we are at a Lowe’s on a sketchy side of town, but we are confident in our door and window locks.

Jeff’s interview is tomorrow at 1 pm (our time) and we should know about our parking arrangements by then, too, so it’s a big day!

Oh, also! I was making a right turn out of a parking lot today while we were trying to find an rv park that would take us and I bumped off the cover of a guy’s taillight. So, I ruined my perfect driving record today – only took 14 years of driving!!! None to worry, the bus is fine (the tire is what bumped his car… we are huge!) and really the guy is fine, too. He called our insurance company, but there’s not much they are going to do besides tell him to pop it back on. The guy was pretty worked up and Jeff had to talk him down so no one would end up with at least a black eye (… or in handcuffs). Anyway, it was a long, hard, and pretty stressful day, but we made it and we are going to sleep well!

6 thoughts on “Finding space 11/29/21

  1. Tell them you have parents that are over 55…..and might visit. Does that count
    .. LOL..!!

    Sheesh, that means they wouldn’t take our RV either..!!

    How do you strap laundry ‘on the back’ of the scooter… lol..??

    Hope the app or interview hit home..!!!


    1. Hahaha!! Probably not!
      Yep, they want really gorgeous brand new vehicles parked around. Jeff was wondering if they kick people out after they’ve been there a few years and their rv hits 11 years old!
      Well, I put it in a big reusable bag and then Jeff got two bungees from Lowe’s and we wrapped them around the back of the deck. It has a really long and wide deck because that’s where the battery is and because it goes so fast you have to be really secure on it. 🙂


  2. whew! I’m tired just reading this! you guys are kicking butt! glad the scooter is working out! glad you’re both getting the to do list .. sad about the tail light incident, but glad it wasn’t worse!
    hope the interview went well! can’t wait to hear more! hugs! 💕💕


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