Creating a “home” space 12/2/21

There’s so much to update on! First and foremost is that we have water and we took our first showers in the bus!!! After Jeff finished up the last of the piping over the weekend we had just about run out of water, so we didn’t try it out until we got water today. I also washed dishes with my fancy automatic faucet! I saved so much water by being able to turn off the water with just a wave in between washing and rinsing each dish! Our water heater didn’t kick on (will troubleshoot that tomorrow) so they were rather cold showers, but at least it was super hot today so it wasn’t like it was making icecicles as it came out or anything πŸ˜‰

We finally found a spot for the month to park the bus! We searched, called, and stopped by almost 50 places and only came up with one that would take us, but it’s nice to not have to wonder where we will park the bus each night.

We have applied to a bunch of jobs and Jeff has had two in-person interviews and one phone interview. The first interview was for an artist who makes sculptures and needed a welder for metal creations. He felt Jeff was over-qualified so he hired on a guy with less experience, but asked Jeff to come build him something that he didn’t think the other guy would be able to do – so that’s cool! His other in-person interview was this morning for the position of Hot Air Balloon Chase Team! The orientation/interview went well and they sent him for his drug test. There were two other applicants there for orientation but when the guy said “we know recreational Marijuana is legal in Arizona but we are a federal entity with a no-tollerance policy” everyone else left meaning Jeff had the job! It seems like an awesome position to make some nice money and have a lot of fun. They pay per task, so if you want to make more money you just do more aspects of the process.

We can apply for things further away from us (right now it’s mostly “scooter distance”) once the Jeep gets here. For those who don’t know, Jeff’s parents were holding the Jeep at their house until we got settled in a place where we could give the carrier an address to drop it off at. The carrier should be picking it up this weekend and we hope to have it by the middle of next week. It will be nice as this city is really tight for a 40-foot vehicle to navigate in regular traffic let alone in rush-hour traffic! It will also be nice to not have to park the bus back in our tiny space each time we need to run errands.

The cats are doing well. They have really become accustomed to our routine. It will be interesting to see how well they like it when we aren’t driving all day, every day!

We went to Papago Park and Bray had a blast in all the sand! He really liked that they had these scoops that you could sit on and operate by hand. He also liked falling from this spinny thing! We were able to get some job searching in while he played happily.

We are planning on taking the next few days and getting the kinks worked out of our systems. We went grocery shopping today and exchanged an empty propane tank, so hopefully we can just chill here until the Jeep gets here. We shall see!

12 thoughts on “Creating a “home” space 12/2/21

  1. Way to go… β€œHome” sounds nice..!!
    What is the name of the town/site and do family members get free balloon rides…? LOL..!
    Any word from the two job offer sites you had while still here..?


    1. Haha, I don’t think they offer free rides, but maybe there’s a discount!
      We are basically in the heart of Phoenix. If I10, I17, and 51 make up the boarder of “inner-city phoenix”, we are right outside.
      The other people filled their positions. We still could go do one of them, but the elevation is 6200 feet and way too high for us. Propane only works properly to 5000 feet and they get lots of snow and freezing temperatures up there.


  2. sounds awesome!! glad you found a place! hopefully you can extend it past a month. congrats Jeff! job sounds like it will be fun! glad the jeep will get there soon! nice to have some down time to relax!! enjoy the warm weather. Bray looks so happy playing! πŸ€—πŸ’•
    thanks for all these exciting updates!!


  3. adventures are cool! 😁
    I never knew propane couldn’t be used above 5000 ft! very interesting! you really do your research! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

    do you have to drive to SD to get your mail?


    1. πŸ˜‰ you have to do research if you’re going to do something new!
      No, they will mail it to me when I request it. I just have to log onto the app and tell them where to send it. I can also have them open and scan the contents so I can see it on the app. My card came through, I just haven’t told them where to send it because I haven’t secured an address for them. But it got there… green envelope! Thank you πŸ™‚ πŸ§‘πŸ’™


  4. I didn’t know that about propane either..!
    Guessing you’re on the east side – Sky Harbor (you’ve been there before ;), Camelback…??
    Yeah, 6200ft is Chilly..!


    1. West, actually just off of I-10, but yeah, when I saw the Sky Harbor sign the other day I said “hey, I’ve been there!!”
      Jeff’s welding for a guy today over on the west side so we woke up early and drove the bus over to where he’s working and are doing dishes, making lunch, harvesting solar power, cleaning, and doing Bray’s school work all in the parking lot! This self-contained stuff is working out great!


  5. yup, gotta love the internet! 😁
    should be two cards, that sounds great! oh this modern technology!
    welding is a cool gig πŸ‘πŸ»
    so happy to hear it’s going well and you’re getting a lot done!


  6. any pics of your new home location? 😁
    to do list coming along? hope you’re getting in enough rest!
    can’t wait to hear more adventures!
    take care! πŸ€—πŸ’•πŸŒ΅πŸŒž


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