Glad tidings… 12/23/21

Things have been going really well… there’s lots of great things to update on!

After the fiasco with the Jeep (see here and here) it finally arrived! We are so excited!! We had paid a percentage of the total cost up front with our debit card, but the remainder had to be paid with a cashier’s check upon delivery, no exceptions. So the day before the carrier got here he called and set up a time with us for the next day. After Jeff got off work we went to the grocery store to get the money order. But customer service was closed! While we grabbed a few grocery items, I called every Western Union location I could find until I came across a Dollar General that said they were open until 9. When we got there, they didn’t even have a Western Union!! So the only place we could go was a 24-hour PLS (one of those check cashing places you find in particular areas of town) that, while they had fee-free money orders, had a stupid fee for processing a debit card! Needless to say, by 8 pm we were finally back at our spot with money order in hand!

After about 6 weeks of driving only the bus, it was SO weird to drive the Jeep again. The steering wheel is angled instead of almost flat like in the bus, it is super responsive (we both were all over the lane trying to drive straight lol!), it can make a 90Ā° turn only taking up one lane (not three!), and it can go the actual freaking speed limit!!! Who literally knew?!?! But seriously, next time someone asks what it’s like driving the bus I’ll have to say, “really different” instead of my usual “not that different”.

I also got to visit with a friend I hadn’t seen in over 6 years, which was really great! She was traveling here from the East Coast for vacation and we decided to meet up. We met at a desert pull-off, showed off our respective rigs (she rented a converted van and got a taste of #vanlife), and caught each other up on family and life. It was wonderful!!

Jeff has been doing a lot of welding for the Glass Artist. He got some pictures of the finished projects to include and he can explain a little about them.

The glass is cast into the sections of stainless square tube and stamped to give them texture. Then they are TIG welded together (being very careful to not get the glass too hot or it will crack)
The angles of the pieces do not leave much room to weld but thankfully, only being art, it doesn’t need over kill on the welding
This is one of the pieces I helped him repair (Some of his welds broke and my welding machine is better for this sort of thing)
He calls these “Chakra totems”. The glass is cast the same as the other pieces but these get the Chakra symbols stamped into them. I also helped him make the stamps for this. All of the pieces of cast glass need to be welded to the 1/2 square bar and kept straight… not a fun or easy task but he has been impressed with my work and they are the best out of all the people he has had make them.
The colors on these in the sunlight look really cool. I can understand why he says that he “can’t keep them in stock”!
Josh (the glass artist) made me a surprise Christmas present.. super cool!!!

Braydon has been enjoying the desert. He likes finding different kinds of animals. We found several lizards recently and some cotton tail rabbits. The other night he heard a sound like a katydid and asked, “was that a katydid or do they not have those here in Arizona?” He’s learning a lot about this very different place.

We have some friendly-yet-cautious cat-friends around us. Today they smelled Sue Ellen’s food and came by for a visit. Braydon and I had fun enticing them closer with the kibble. They have been hanging around all day. We even had one of the kittens trespassing into our garage!!

3 thoughts on “Glad tidings… 12/23/21

  1. Yay for a great update and congrats on the Jeep..!
    STELLAR work Jeff, the glass pieces do look incredible….and very well made. That level of precision is a real talent and shows your care for your work..! And what a great Glass Gift..!!
    Glad Braydon is enjoying that unique nature..! I’m guessing the night skies are pretty cool there, too. Lots of shooting stars….


  2. so glad to hear the Jeep made it out there!! what a goings-on! Jeff’s work looks awesome!! šŸ‘šŸ»šŸ‘šŸ» having a fun job is the best! it’s great to hear Bray is enjoying everything and doing so we’ll!! have a wonderful Christmas out there! miss ya!! šŸ’•ā›„šŸŽ„šŸŽ…


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