Stuff and things 3/18/22

We’ve been super busy with just the normal day-to-day of life so there isn’t much excitement to share. But here we are showing up with a post about the normal!

I finally remembered to get a picture of the bus unpacked! Not perfect, but much better than the “all packed up” version!

I’ve been able to work 4 days a week recently and Jeff welded for Josh the glass artist one weekday and both weekend days last week. This week I got home in time for him to pick up the last two afternoon balloon shifts of the season! The companies stop flying in the afternoon because the weather is too unpredictable and the air is too hot. It’s hard to get hot air in a balloon to rise when the air outside the balloon is so hot!πŸ”₯πŸ₯΅

It’s been in the mid 80s again this week, but we are trying to enjoy it and make the most of it as it’s going to get MUCH hotter in the coming months. One of our next upgrades to the bus is going to be putting two exhaust fans in the roof – State Trailer not far from us has them in stock! Running one in the kitchen area will help pull the heat out from the ceiling especially when cooking and when the refrigerator is running. One in the back above our bed will pull the air conditioning from the front window near the woodstove to the back of the bus. We haven’t installed the AC yet, we’ve just been opening the windows to let the cold air in during the chilly morning hours and then, when the bus heats up to be unbearably hot in the afternoon, we go outside and take a walk. By 4:30/5 pm it’s cool again!

We like to pick flowers on our walks and bring them into the bus. Sue Ellen usually ends up knocking them over into the sink while she sits in the window, but they are pretty to look at while they last!
When the cats are not out galavanting in the desert, they like to take sunny naps in the windows. Scarlett, as usual, finds some of the most random spots to take her naps in. Here she is in the spot where we keep our dishes… Jeff found her behind the curtain!

In our little bits of spare time we are continuing to do bus upgrades and find things that just make sense. I had been storing our paper goods (toilet paper, wipes, paper towels, tissues, etc.) in the shower along with the 5-gallon buckets that hold the peat moss for our composting toilet. It was very disorganized and chaotic, but it was the best place to store all these things. So I went in search of something cute and useful and found this great Sterilite drawer thing that fits rather nicely in front of the 5-gallon buckets in the shower. Now, we can find everything easily and it’s easier to move it all on shower day!

Not to mention it’s also super cute!

We are getting to the end of citrus season here in Arizona, and some of the clients we clean for have an abundance! We have been well-stocked with lemons and oranges recently. They are so nice to share.

Braydon is so happy to have oranges! 🍊

It took a while to get this post up, but next week’s post will include some of Jeff’s upgrades to our utility trailer, an obnoxious neighbor (woodpecker), and a visit from a friend! See you then!

7 thoughts on “Stuff and things 3/18/22

  1. Nice!! showed gram this, she loved seeing Braydon!! couldn’t believe you got those pretty flowers in the desert! lol liked the hot air balloon and bus too! she read the whole blog ☺️
    sounds like all is going well!! we couldn’t believe how hot it was already! hoping a/c and fans work out! might have to put a tent over the
    those oranges look tasty so glad Braydon is enjoying them!
    bins are a great idea, makes moving stuff easier! πŸ‘πŸ»
    enjoy, stay cool and hugs all around from both of us! πŸ€—πŸ’•


  2. LOVING the unpacked version….lol….looks home-y..!
    How neat is it to wake up to a hot air balloon in your FRONT YARD..!!
    And those oranges look fantastic….I have to run to the fridge and get me one….although it won’t be as good as those..!
    Yup plastic bins….sometimes I think your mother invented them…LOL..!
    Those really are stellar looking flowers….and what a Great Arrangement. Would like to see a watercolor drawing of that vase..!!
    Always good to have friends, enjoy the visit…..and Stay Cool..!!

    Liked by 1 person

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