A beautiful place to call home 5/11/22

We’ve been here just over a week now and we are so thrilled to be at Rocky Ridge Outpost! We were just starting to get into the swing of things when we all got sick and, while we haven’t fully recovered yet, we are getting back at it because we are getting bored!

Poor Bray was miserable. But he did enjoy watching Milo and Otis on the laptop.

It’s been slow starting here as it’s snowed twice already in the short time we’ve been here. It’s so beautiful here, but especially when the gorgeous Utah snow blankets the ground!

This picture was taken from the top of the hill where the owners’ house is. Can you find our bus home?
Scarlett has been enjoying looking out from the warm bus and watching the Magpies bob around the snow looking for food.

As all the snow we’ve been having melts, it turns the entire area into a mud puddle. There’s something about the soil here that must have a lot of clay in it because this is nothing like any mud I have ever seen before! I think “muck” is a better term for it. It sticks to your shoes and just keeps layering and layering until there are literally inches of it covering your boots. It’s something else! We quickly realized that our Phoenix-appropriate footwear was not cut out for this very different land, so we took the opportunity one slow day to drive over the mountain (75 minutes one way and to a height of well over 8000 feet) to the town of Vernal to procure some boots.

There were more than 10 switchbacks going each direction to climb over this mountain. This scenic overlook was a gorgeous place to stop for a view!

I have always wanted a good pair of muck boots and I finally had the need to get a pair!We checked every store in the tiny mountain town but not one had my size. I was so disappointed, but Jeff and Braydon got some good boots! I ended up ordering a pair but they are exactly what I wanted and I’m so happy to finally have them!

You can see my new boots here in this photo of me with a tiny lizard friend we found on the rock face up the mountainside of the Ranch.
On our way back from town after finding two nice pairs of boots for the boys, we snapped this lovely picture of the iconic “Flaming Gorge”.

With these colder temperatures we’ve had to make a few changes to the water system in the bus. When we left the East Coast in November this past year, we hadn’t even turned our water system on for fear of the new pipes and appliances freezing. We have since added several shut-off valves and drains into the system so, if the night is going to drop below freezing, we can drain the system before we go to bed. It has been working so far and we are hopeful that the temperatures start rising in the very near future.

One of Jeff’s favorite new ranch responsibilities is pest control. Between the numerous prairie dogs, marmot, badgers, and muskrat, there’s a lot of work to do! As long as there are no guests on the property, Jeff spends time eliminating these rodents that are both tearing up the property and leaving gaping holes in the ground, which are dangerous for both man and beast.

All in a day’s work!

Sue Ellen has been having so much fun with the barnyard, guests, and hunting. She waltzes through the miniatures’ coral and rubs up against the legs of the ponies and the mini donkey. Everyone who has come to stay in the cabins so far has loved meeting Sue. She rolls around and wants everyone to pet her. Also, today she hunted her very own prairie dog! She had previously retrieved one or two that Jeff had shot, but today she caught her very own! She was so proud of it, too!

As I wrote the second half of this post, Sue snuggled up with my leg as the woodstove cooked the front half of the bus.

Many people have been asking about Random Friend Konnie but she is here and we are so excited to be working with her this summer! To recap and explain in more detail, we all left Phoenix caravan-style when her bus had a sensor go off and send her (newer than ours) computerized 5.9 Cummins into “limp mode”. Unable to reset it on the side of the road, an emergency tow was in order and by 1 am, the truck arrived. However, the driver disconnected the wrong side of the drive shaft before towing her 40-ft skoolie, turning it into an industrial-sized blender, wrecking havoc on her entire system. Only several feet down the road from where she had originally coasted to a stop, the bus now had a wiring harness that looked like a frayed copper rope, 6 gallons of coolant pouring down the road from ripped out coolant lines, and air brake lines rendered useless in addition to the original issue. The plan was for her to wait with the bus while it got repaired, so we finished the rest of the trip without her. But upon hearing the severity of the situation (the work still hasn’t even been started on her bus), she wisely decided to pack her cats and other necessary items into her Jeep and finish the trip. We fixed up a tiny space for her here atΒ  Rocky Ridge Outpost and it has been serviceable until something else works out. We are hopeful that the next steps flow smoothly!

We are going to have a great time here this summer! So many new and exciting things have already happened! Just today the Mama Goat had her kids… all three of them! This and many more exciting barnyard stories to follow, but for now, here’s a picture of Braydon with the Mama and brand new babies! (They were born only a few short hours before this picture was taken!)

Braydon’s boots have been so useful already! He loves them so much, too. They helped him hike up the mountain to see the newest members of the barnyard!

8 thoughts on “A beautiful place to call home 5/11/22

  1. glad y’all got boots! that snow looks high! 😳 see you have a sweater on too! boy totally different weather! πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ hoping the water system doesn’t freeze,glad to hear you ” update it” .
    beautiful pictures!! glad your all starting to feel better!! πŸ€—
    nice catch Jeff and Sue..lol
    man sorry to hear about konnie! hope they get her bus up and running for Free!! 😠
    sounds like it’s going to be an interesting, fun and enjoyable summer!! go Bray! that’s so cool!!
    can’t wait for more updates! really enjoying this!
    continue to get better, stay safe and take care!! πŸ’•πŸ€—πŸ’œ


  2. Hi Jeff, Sarah and Bray,
    I’ve been following you guys a long for while now. Very interesting journey. Of course life is more about the journey. Be safe and keep your eyes and hearts fixed on Jesus! Remember to share Him along the way. Be blessed and be safe.


    1. Thanks for joining us, Mrs. Cathy! It’s been a great journey so far and we are excited to see where each of our next steps are directed! For now we are enjoying this beautiful piece of creation and blooming where we are planted!


  3. wow that’s a lot of snow for spring…lol
    yes, enjoy all you can!! will you be making anything out of the skins from Jeff’s kills?
    hope you are all feel better by now! heard it was bad! πŸ˜”
    love n hugs!

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