Springtime Happenings 5/20/22

As we started explaining in our last post, the Mama Goat had her babies and there were THREE! Usually goats will have twins (it keeps them balanced while pregnant) but this Mama had three Kids. Early that morning, the Mama Goat had climbed up the mountainside to a safe cliff to protect herself and her young ones from the wind and make it easier to watch for predators as nothing of substantial threat could come down the rockface. Bryan and Jerilynn, the owners here at Rocky Ridge Outpost, were leaving for the night to run errands (anything worth going to is at least an hour away and other errands are further) so they had asked us to periodically check on the goats to make sure everything was going well.

The proud Mama Goat and her three Kids!
We had so much fun petting the only hours-old Kids and watching them explore the outside world!

The Mama Goat let us pet her babies as long as we were quiet and didn’t make any sudden movements. This was hard for Braydon and, after we watched the Mama almost headbutt a Barn Cat off the cliff for getting too close, we had him just sit on a rock and wait for the Kids to approach him! These babies were only a few hours old, but they were walking around and, by that evening, were climbing on the surrounding rocks and playing with each other. It was so neat watching them!

We wanted to take this post to walk you through some of our responsibilities here at the camp. One of the aspects of our jobs here is taking care of the barnyard. Feeding the animals, cleaning their pens, filling their water, and caring for them in more personal ways such as grooming and spending time with them are all part of our daily activities. We alternate barnyard responsibilities with our friend and coworker, Konnie.

This Little Black Pony is named Pip. He is sharing a pen with Cortez the Alpaca because they are on a special water offering. If you look closely in the upper right of this photo, you can see the owner’s gorgeous Lodge up on the hill. When they bought this property 25 years ago, there wasn’t even power in the valley. They have cleared and built up the entire space themselves.
Here, Pip and his pen-mate, Cortez, eagerly await their Hay Breakfast. The hay is grown here on the ranch over the summer and is then harvested and stored to feed the animals over the winter. When you have enough land, the extra work is worth the cost savings of not having to buy hay.
The other two miniatures, Bojangles the Donkey and Iceman the Pony, are so excited to get their breakfast, too! I love this picture with the bus and the long dirt road in the background!
Jack and Rockwell also love their Hay Breakfast. Jack (the black goat) is rather bossy so Rockwell has to sneak in to grab bites of his breakfast! Braydon likes to run handfulls of hay to the other side of the pen and distract Jack so Rockwell can eat, too!
Buckwheat the Bunny is the main Daddy Bunny here at the ranch. He is only two years old but is HUGE and super sweet. We like to go to his pen and pet him and give him cuddles. One of his children, one-year-old buck Alfalfa, is also super cuddly and we love to take them snacks and just enjoy holding and petting bunnies again!
We are over an hour away from the nearest Walmarts which are the nearest places we have been able to find Organic food. Last time we went up to Rock Springs, Wyoming and on the way back we saw this gorgeous sunburst as the sun began to set.

At the end of next week we are going to take a field trip over the mountain to our neighbors at the Forbes Family Farm. They are a family who practice Organic Farming and are our neighbors right across Sheep Creek. We are hoping to get much of our raw food there this summer as it has been proving difficult to find good Organic food here. We will update you on how it goes!

The other day we saw the Lunar Eclipse of the Blood Moon and we had front row seats on the picnic table outside of our bus! Living on the East Coast we were usually in the wrong location or in too brightly-lit areas to see Lunar Eclipses, but this one out here in the middle of nowhere was AWESOME!

The next morning, we woke up to an incredible sunrise. This is the view out the back window and, while the window tint makes it a bit fuzzy, it was still so amazing I had to roll over to grab a picture!

Next week, we will share some of our other responsibilities around the camp such as flipping the cabins in between guests, grounds keeping, and even setting up the Tipi! This is such a beautiful place in the middle of this beautiful country and we feel so blessed to call this place “home” all Summer!

8 thoughts on “Springtime Happenings 5/20/22

  1. wow!! the pictures are amazing!! the beauty out there is awesome!! it’s so great you got this opportunity!! Konnie is a very special friend and it sounds like the work is tedious but sharing duties is priceless while you enjoy exploring new avenues! like we said a different kind of stress but much bearable! I’d swap any day .. lol .. thanks again for the great update, really enjoy it and anticipate the next one …
    looks like beautiful landscape like AZ but better summer temps.
    I guess less bad “critters” there too. πŸ‘πŸ»
    we are sweating here as it’s in the 90s and humid! 😳 welcome to PA/east coast..lol
    take care, stay safe! hugs!! πŸ’•πŸ’•


    1. Glad you’re enjoying! There’s some cabin openings in July if you want to come out and see beautiful Flaming Gorge! 😍 And us of course πŸ˜‰
      Hugs back! πŸ«‚ πŸ’œπŸ’š


  2. love the sticker section! it fits great on the Ford logo!!πŸ‘πŸ»
    it’s funny how your dad and I put it in the same spot on the flex and the escape! πŸ’•

    hope you’re all feeling better and weather has improved! πŸ€—πŸ’•


  3. 😁
    glad each day is better! hopefully the cough will end soon! πŸ€—
    love 70’s weather!! πŸ‘πŸ» .. it cooled down here, which is nice.
    enjoy your memorial day weekend! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ


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