If you can’t take the heat… 4/27/22

The kitchen known as Phoenix is seriously heating up – we are predicted to hit 100° this week! So we have been enjoying a lot of time outside lately as it’s cooler than staying in the bus. This post has a lot more photos, so enjoy!

Sue has been loving chasing the lizards across the desert! She even catches them sometimes and eats the whole lizard! She hasn’t been eating all of her supper lately because she’s been getting full on lizards. LOL
In true hippie fashion, I gave Jeff a haircut outside as the sun set. We may have left our stationary home, but we don’t have to look “homeless”!
We got our composting toilet emptied. Before we filled the hole with compost, Braydon used it as a hiding place!
We helped Konnie with building out her bedframe so she could have some extra storage.
We tried to repurpose as much as we could so we cut up some larger pieces of plywood to use as slats for the bedframe.
Jeff got it all expertly put together. Notice, too, his new hot air balloon company hat!
Jeff was working with Josh the glass artist to make some Joshua Trees. They weld the trunk, bark, and bottom leaves and then blow green leaves and white flowers out of glass to mount on top!
Here it is finished and installed. This single piece runs about $35,000. Yes, that’s 35 with three zeros after it!
Jeff also fabricated this box that the glass pieces in this picture are mounted to. There is a light inside that makes the glass pieces glow!
On Easter we went to Lake Pleasent. We had a family cookout with burgers on a charcoal grill with all the fixings!
After the delicious burgers, we jumped in the lake to cool off! The water was cold, but felt so good on the 90° day!
Braydon found a large piece of cardboard that Konnie had lying around and painted it with his paint pots. 🎨 He had great fun while I got a load of laundry dried on the drying rack!

We were (last minute) offered the summer job of a lifetime and we are so excited to take the position! We are leaving today (Wednesday, April 27th), heading to Flaming Gorge, Utah! The trip itself should take us three days, but we don’t have to be there until Saturday to start work Sunday. We had talked to the couple running the site several months ago, but they were booked with help for the summer. Last minute, one of their teams had a medical emergency and the owners got in touch with us to see if we would still be interested. While we had been seriously considering other options, we readily dropped those ideas and said yes to this one as it sets us up for so many future options! We are so excited to share with you all the details about the trip and the job over the next several posts!

We had a gorgeous sunrise the other day! While we are going to have a blast this summer in Utah, we can’t wait to get back to Phoenix and enjoy the desert when it cools off!

And one of the most exciting parts to this whole story is that our employers in Phoenix are all eagerly waiting for our return! It’s been real, Phoenix! See you again soon!

3 thoughts on “If you can’t take the heat… 4/27/22

  1. OK, so talk about your ‘cliff hangers’…..was hoping for more ‘meat’…..LOL..!

    WONDERFUL pictures…..you all look great. Love Braydon in the pit..!
    Fantastic job on those ‘trees’ Jeff..! 35K is a bit steep, but I’d like a box of those ‘lava lamp thingys’ that are set up next to the fireplace…..surely that’s just a couple hundred…lol.

    So glad you’re moving out of the furnace…..Utah after all..! Looks like a great area, and so close to Mt. Lena..! Just guessing you end up in a place with ‘red’ or ‘green’ in the name….LOL…!!
    Praying for SAFE Travels….take it easy on the hills…!!!


  2. wow .that’s hot!! hope you’ve been using sun screen 😁
    Bray looks comfy in that hole..lol
    awesome tree Jeff!!! the glass pieces look cool lit up too!
    the lake looks inviting! glad you had fun!
    Utah!? sounds cooler!! 👍🏻 yeah, I remember hearing you were looking for something like that..nice!! can’t wait to hear more!
    Bray may be the next artist in the family..lol …
    that is amazing that your employers are so nice!! you got really lucky! 👍🏻
    safe travels!! let us know when you get to Utah!! I didn’t realize it’s that far!
    take care 💕🤗


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