I’m Dreaming of a White MEMORIAL DAY..? 5/31/22

Spring is still reluctant to settle in and we had snow this past weekend! It didn’t last long – melting shortly after it arrived, but the past several days have been rainy, cold, and ever-so-muddy. The plants needed the rain though, so we are glad it is here to prepare the soil for us gettingContinue reading “I’m Dreaming of a White MEMORIAL DAY..? 5/31/22”

If you can’t take the heat… 4/27/22

The kitchen known as Phoenix is seriously heating up – we are predicted to hit 100° this week! So we have been enjoying a lot of time outside lately as it’s cooler than staying in the bus. This post has a lot more photos, so enjoy! We were (last minute) offered the summer job ofContinue reading “If you can’t take the heat… 4/27/22”

Adventures Continue 4/13/22

My Granny wanted to send us some of her wind and cooler weather this week and it worked! This week has been drastically different than last – I’m typing this in sweatpants sipping tea! It’s been so cool that we haven’t turned on the AC in several days meaning we don’t have to spend asContinue reading “Adventures Continue 4/13/22”