I’m Dreaming of a White MEMORIAL DAY..? 5/31/22

Spring is still reluctant to settle in and we had snow this past weekend! It didn’t last long – melting shortly after it arrived, but the past several days have been rainy, cold, and ever-so-muddy. The plants needed the rain though, so we are glad it is here to prepare the soil for us gettingContinue reading “I’m Dreaming of a White MEMORIAL DAY..? 5/31/22”

Springtime Happenings 5/20/22

As we started explaining in our last post, the Mama Goat had her babies and there were THREE! Usually goats will have twins (it keeps them balanced while pregnant) but this Mama had three Kids. Early that morning, the Mama Goat had climbed up the mountainside to a safe cliff to protect herself and herContinue reading “Springtime Happenings 5/20/22”